Head Teacher's Message





This is the first time our school Milimani Primary School is going to be in the website. I am

proud and happy to be part of "A website per learning Institution" initiative.

The launch of a "A website per Learning Institution" Initiative is a milestone in the Ministry of Education to be aware of the challenges we are facing. This, I believe will help the Ministry to take appropriate measures to improve our schools.

Headteachers are required to be conversant with policy and legal issues. The Ministry of Education also expect us due to Free Primary Education to compile many datas. I am happy that we will be able to access the information the Ministry wants with a click of button.

I therefore thank all of you for a job well done. Thank you,

Mrs. Koile Rose Milimani Primary School P.O.Box 556 Suna -Migori

Mobile No: 0721379 478








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